Here Is Your Access To A Complimentary Presentation By The Professor Of Harsh Reality, And THE Millionaire Maker Dan Kennedy

This is a classic Dan Kennedy, NO HOLDS barred, unvarnished ninety-minute presentation from a live training where attendees paid $4,997.00 to attend. We're giving you instant access to this presentation as our gift for investing in the Renegade Millionaire Book.

In this presentation, Dan Kennedy reveals The Renegade Millionaire Secret Code...

  • Find out why Disney CEO Bob Iger was gleeful when park attendance dropped by 10%! True Renegade Thinking!
  • Where do you fit in the 1%, 4%, 15%, 60%, 20% pyramid - and why this matters A LOT. Discover how Renegade Millionaires apply this pyramid to business and life decisions in an instant.
  • One Way To GUARANTEE you'll be perpetually frustrated and broke... Scary how many live this way.
  • If you have just one of __________... It's 100% certain bad things will happen to you and your company.
  • Discover one or two words __________ that Renegade Millionaires use to drive every single decision they make.

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