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Renegade Millionaire Implementation Mastermind is a high-end peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs that are focused on building extreme wealth, autonomy, and business success. Members must complete a thorough application process and be accepted for Membership. 

Renegade Millionaire is laser-focused on helping Members get big stuff done, both in business and life. Renegade Millionaire’s are unapologetically focused on results with little time for nonsense or distraction.

Because entrepreneurs are their own boss, this presents a problem. Very few entrepreneurs (if any) are accountable to anyone other than themselves. When your deadlines are missed and your projects don’t get done, nobody can fire you.

Everyone needs accountability, even ambitious, hard-charging entrepreneurs. 

Each Renegade Millionaire Member is part of a 6-8 person Supergroup. These Supergroups are organized by like industries and annual revenue. Every week, your Supergroup meets by video for a 59-minute Fast Forum.

Your Supergroup will collectively pick the same day and time you meet every week. The agenda is simple:

  1. Progress/wins for the last week (in business and in life)
  2. Progress on your 3 quarterly priorities
  3. Areas you are stuck or need help

Each Fast Forum provides 7-9 minutes of focused attention on you, your progress, and the areas you need help. It is designed to be, yep, fast.

Every Supergroup has a Captain to quickly facilitate your weekly Fast Forum. Best of all, every Renegade Millionaire Member and every Supergroup is connected with your Digital Dashboard. This software allows you to easily pick priorities, report on progress weekly, and get instant support from peers.

Attendance is mandatory. That’s right. If you can’t commit to attend at least 50 of your 54 weekly 59-minute Fast Forums, don’t even apply. We guarantee you won’t get big stuff done if you aren’t committed to full participation.

Aside from getting big stuff done, Renegade Millionaire’s think about Business Strategy, Business Marketing, and Mindset differently from everyone else.

Every month, we teach and reinforce the timeless Renegade Millionaire principles developed and brought to life by Dan Kennedy. Each monthly Renegade Learning recorded video conference includes Renegade Millionaire teaching on Renegade Strategy, Renegade Marketing, and Renegade Mindset. Each member receives tools, blueprints, and templates for support.

The Renegade Millionaire System was developed by Dan Kennedy and Lee Milteer. Since that time, Dan Kennedy, known as “The Millionaire Maker,” has birthed hundreds of Renegade Millionaires. The Renegade Millionaire Implementation Mastermind exists to birth more Renegade Millionaires into the world. We teach, discuss, and share in these important areas:

Pillar 1: Renegade Millionaire Entrepreneurial Strategies:

  • How Renegade Millionaires Create Extreme Marketplace Advantage
  • The Five Sources of Power In Business & How To Use Them
  • How Renegade Millionaires Profit from Strategic Alliances
  • How Renegade Millionaires Protect Their Ideas
  • Major Entrepreneurial Mistakes To Avoid

Pillar 2: Renegade Millionaire Advertising, Promotion, and Sales Strategies

  • The Secret of Self Promotion (vs. Business Promotion)
  • How Renegade Millionaires Profit From Expert Positioning
  • Renegade Millionaire Advertising: How to Intelligently Attract Desired Clientele
  • Secrets of “Million Dollar Sales Presentations”

Pillar 3: Renegade Millionaire Marketing Strategies

  • How Renegade Millionaires Use Direct-Response Marketing Differently
  • The Myth of Customer Loyalty – What to Work On Instead
  • Inside Dan Kennedy’s Most Powerful Wealth Creation Marketing Strategy: Membership Concept Marketing
  • How to Win in the New “Marketing Resistant” Environment

Pillar 4: Renegade Millionaire Money Strategies:

  • What Renegade Millionaires Know About Being Broke and Being Rich That Others Don’t
  • What Renegade Millionaires Know About Price That Others Don’t
  • How Renegade Millionaires Think About Work, Risk, and Debt
  • What Should Be The Entrepreneur’s #1 Money Priority – Ignored by 95% of All Business Owners

Pillar 5: Renegade Millionaire Self-Management and Personal Achievement Strategies:

  • How Renegade Millionaires Make Practical Use of a Personal Belief System
  • How Renegade Millionaires Manage ‘Burn-Out’
  • How Renegade Millionaires Manage Time Differently, Radically Differently
  • How Renegade Millionaires Manage Failure
  • How Renegade Millionaires Manage The Future
  • How Renegade Millionaires Manage Information
  • Speed: Secrets of Dramatically Accelerated Accomplishment: How Renegade Millionaires Get Rich Quick

Pillar 6: Autonomy – Living Life Totally On Your Own Terms:

  • The Ultimate Life Choice Renegade Millionaires Make
  • How Renegade Millionaires Establish and Enforce Boundaries
  • The Renegade Millionaire’s ‘Acid Test’ For Association and Friendship
  • “If You Were Financially Wiped Out Tomorrow, What Would You Do?”

In addition to your Supergroup’s weekly 59-minute Fast Forum and our monthly Renegade Learning video conferences, Renegade Millionaire Implementation Mastermind hosts three optional full day in-person hot-seat and mastermind days. Mastermind dates for 2021 are listed below and are connected to our 3 boutique conferences for 2021:

  • Tuesday, March 9, 2021 (Orlando, FL)
  • Monday, June 7, 2021 (Cleveland, OH)
  • Tuesday, October 12, 2021 (Nashville, TN)

Can 59 minutes per week really change your business and your life?

Really! We are so sure we are putting our money where our mouth is. Renegade Millionaire Implementation Mastermind is backed by our Renegade Guarantee…

Renegade Millionaire Implementation & Mastermind Leaders

Adam Witty

Named one of “America’s Coolest Entrepreneurs” by Inc. Magazine, and a Renegade Millionaire by Dan Kennedy, Adam Witty has developed some incredible success habits that have led him to incredible growth and achievements. Adam is Founder & CEO of Advantage Family, an organization devoted to helping entrepreneurs achieve their business growth goals. What began in the spare bedroom of his home is now a global media, marketing, and education company with thousands of Members in 50 U.S. states and 67 countries.

He’s grown Advantage|ForbesBooks to one of the largest independent business book publishers in the world; created the Authority Institute, a thought leadership marketing agency for business leaders; and purchased and started new companies to support his vision to create an eco-system that inspires growth for entrepreneurs. These include News & Experts, a PR + media company providing guaranteed national media to top business leaders; Magnetic Marketing, a marketing and business growth education company founded by marketing legend Dan Kennedy; and mLive, marketing automation software for dental practices.

Based on his own experience and working with entrepreneurs as a coach, Adam will share with you exactly what to focus on to hit all your targets and out-perform your competition so you become an unstoppable force.

Lee Milteer

Lee Milteer is the co-creator of the Renegade Millionaire System and Renegade Millionaire Retreat with Dan Kennedy, an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Life & Business Strategist. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program which supplies Content for other coaches and businesses.

Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has been an expert guest on more than 700 TV and Radio shows on National and International TV and Radio around the world. Lee has been interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals all over the world, including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, plus hundreds more.

Lee has authored and co-authored 13 books, three of which are on the Amazon Best-Seller list.

Darin Spindler

Darin Spindler is a Renegade Millionaire and CMO of Magnetic Marketing. A serial entrepreneur, Darin started his first business at age 15. Darin is a co-creator of the Kids Bowl Free summer bowling program that now has over 1,400 centers participating and over 30,000,000 children registered! Darin also owns the award winning Heartland Pizza Company of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Dan Kennedy (Founder)

Dan Kennedy is Founder of Magnetic Marketing®, Renegade Millionaire® system, and one of the most revered marketing advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world. Kennedy has taught his Magnetic Marketing® system to over 6 million people around the world. For 9 consecutive years, Kennedy spoke on the famous SUCCESS Tour, earning on average $100,000 per speech, and sharing the stage with President Ronald Reagan, Gen. Colin Powell, Johnny Cash, Larry King, and Mary Tyler Moore. Kennedy has delivered over 3,000 paid speeches and seminars to entrepreneurs and business owners. Kennedy has authored 32 books, many being named to the “Top 100 Business Books of all Time” list by Inc. Magazine with translations in over a dozen languages. Kennedy has been interviewed or featured in 300 different business magazines or trade journals including Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Entrepreneur.

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