Renegade Millionaire Mastermind

Scaffolding and support to help you build the business and life of your dreams!

Renegade Millionaire is a high-end mastermind and coaching group for entrepreneurs that want to develop and enhance their Renegade Millionaire habits and mindset to build greater wealth, autonomy, and freedom. Renegade Millionaire is focused upon the implementation of the Renegade Millionaire System, accountability to get more done, and mastermind to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

At each Renegade Millionaire meeting you will:

  1. Learn & Grow through the Renegade Millionaire System curriculum created by Dan Kennedy and Lee Milteer
  2. Prioritize and plan the next 120-days of your business and life. At each meeting we will review your progress, help you set the right strategic and tactical priorities for the upcoming 120-day sprint, and distill those priorities into measurable KPIs for tracking and accountability.

Mastermind with your ‘Supergroup’ of like entrepreneurs. Each Supergroup consists of 6 members. You are grouped based upon similar business size. These Masterminds serve as your confidential and collaborative ‘board of advisors.’ Members present their biggest thoughts, challenges and ideas.

Working Together

Renegade Millionaire Mastermind offers unique support for entrepreneurs who want to enhance and develop their Renegade Millionaire habits and mindset to build greater wealth, autonomy, and freedom. The Renegade Millionaire System includes six pillars:

Pillar 1: RM Entrepreneurial Strategies:

  • How RMs Create Extreme Marketplace Advantage
  • The Five Sources of Power In Business & How To Use Them
  • How RMs Profit from Strategic Alliances
  • How RMs Protect Their Ideas
  • Major Entrepreneurial Mistakes To Avoid

Pillar 2: RM Advertising, Promotion, and Sales Strategies

  • The Secret of Self Promotion (vs. Business Promotion)
  • How RMs Profit From Expert Positioning
  • RM Advertising: How to Intelligently Attract Desired Clientele
  • Secrets of “Million Dollar Sales Presentations”

Pillar 3: RM Marketing Strategies

  • How RMs Use Direct Response Marketing Differently
  • The Myth of Customer Loyalty – What to Work On Instead
  • Inside DK’s Most Powerful Wealth Creation Marketing Strategy: Membership Concept Marketing
  • How to Win in the New “Marketing Resistant” Environment

Pillar 4: RM Money Strategies:

  • What RMs Know About Being Broke and Being Rich That Others Don’t
  • What RMs Know About Price That Others Don’t
  • How RMs Think About Work, Risk, and Debt
  • What Should Be The Entrepreneur’s #1 Money Priority – Ignored by 95% of All Business Owners

Pillar 5: RM Self-Management and Personal Achievement Strategies:

  • How RMs Make Practical Use of a Personal Belief System
  • How RMs Manage ‘Burn-Out’
  • How RMs Manage Time Differently, Radically Differently
  • How RMs Manage Failure
  • How RMs Manage The Future
  • How RMs Manage Information
  • Speed: Secrets of Dramatically Accelerated Accomplishment: How RMs Get Rich Quick

Pillar 6: Autonomy: Living Life Totally On Your Own Terms:

  • The Ultimate Life Choice RMs Make
  • How RMs Establish and Enforce Boundaries
  • The RM’s ‘Acid Test’ For Association and Friendship
  • “If You Were Financially Wiped Out Tomorrow, What Would You Do?”

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