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Renegade Millionaire System


Get a clearer, more definitive blueprint for achieving whatever business, money, success, fame, impact and/or influence goals you may have while defying all normal, common, ordinary, boundaries and restrictions-on speed, ease and independence. Based on Dan’s hands-on, personal and continuing relationships with extraordinary achievers, his own three decades of entrepreneurial experience and a retrospective look at his previously written, recorded, published and unpublished works, you’ll get an inside look at Renegade Millionaires in a way no one else can share.

Whats Included:

  • The personal interviews conducted with Dan Kennedy by Lee Milteer extend over 12 CDs, so you can listen anywhere.
  • The 146-page Desk Reference Manual tracks the audio presentations, and includes:
    • 17 MEGA-Strategies
    • 28 Core Competencies
    • 24 Exercises – a 6 Month Action Course
  • The giant 396-page Archives Book is a collection of relevant resources and reference materials, including:
    • A new DVD of Dan Kennedy's "Magnetic Marketing" presentation.
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