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A Personal Letter From Dan S. Kennedy re: The NEW Renegade Millionaire System:

“Who Else Wants to be a Renegade Millionaire?
Discover How You Can Defy all the ‘Normal’ Boundaries & Restrictions on Making Money, Even In This ‘Coronavirus’ Economy…

Just when you thought there wasn’t anything new that Dan Kennedy could teach you…

Warning: First, welcome to the radical underground.  Second, you should know up front that this salesletter is L-O-N-G.  Probably one of the longest you’ll ever read.


First, because it includes a lot of 'teaching,' typically viewed as a no-no in selling. So, in reading this, you can gain a great deal of insight into what it means to be a Renegade Millionaire. You may even gain some tips or strategies you'll want to act on immediately. So reading this letter in and of itself could be profitable for you.

Of course, this IS a letter about MONEY. About making it differently. Quicker, easier, in bigger chunks than you're used to. Even about attracting it, rather than pursuing it. About accumulating it more certainly, faster, to achieve real wealth, security and independence. But this letter is about a lot more than just money. Or about money within a bigger context. That is, what you trade - and most importantly, what you need NOT trade – in order to get all the money you want.

Second, this letter is about a very, very important subject: how you will live the remainder of your life.  Let’s face it, the coronavirus pandemic has brought this issue front and center for ALL of us.  As you may have heard, last year I had my own health crisis.  Due to complications with my diabetes, I was literally on death’s doorstep.  Miraculously I came through, for which I have extreme gratitude.  Look, as uncomfortable as it may be to hear this, there’s no question that a large part of my recovery was due to having access to the very best healthcare money can buy.

This year, we’re ALL confronted with the possibility it could be our last.  Bluntly, at this point, no one knows who will survive and who will perish.  That’s why it’s never been more appropriate to discuss how to take full control of your business and life, both for yourself and your family. In fact, towards the end of this letter I will get to the topic of 'autonomy' - the fact that it IS possible to live your life and conduct business on YOUR terms, independently, in full control.

“Even though I have attended a bunch of expensive seminars and boot camps over the past 10 years, your event was the most profitable one. Within the first 2 hours of your Renegade Millionaire presentation I heard and understood the ONE new idea that had been eluding me for years. I could have left satisfied at that point, but I stayed and got eleven more detailed action items that should deliver to me more than $250,000.00 ....”

Rob Northrup, Atlanta, GA

Second, this letter is about a very, very important subject: how you will live the remainder of your life.  Let’s face it, the coronavirus pandemic has brought this issue front and center for ALL of us.  As you may have heard, last year I had my own health crisis.  Due to complications with my diabetes, I was literally on death’s doorstep.  Miraculously I came through, for which I have extreme gratitude.  Look, as uncomfortable as it may be to hear this, there’s no question that a large part of my recovery was due to having access to the very best healthcare money can buy.

This year, we’re ALL confronted with the possibility it could be our last.  Bluntly, at this point, no one knows who will survive and who will perish.  That’s why it’s never been more appropriate to discuss how to take full control of your business and life, both for yourself and your family. In fact, towards the end of this letter I will get to the topic of 'autonomy' - the fact that it IS possible to live your life and conduct business on YOUR terms, independently, in full control.

“Even though I have attended a bunch of expensive seminars and boot camps over the past 10 years, your event was the most profitable one. Within the first 2 hours of your Renegade Millionaire presentation I heard and understood the ONE new idea that had been eluding me for years. I could have left satisfied at that point, but I stayed and got eleven more detailed action items that should deliver to me more than $250,000.00 ....”

Rob Northrup, Atlanta, GA

Third, because at the end of this letter, I'm going to ask you to make an important and, frankly, not inexpensive decision, so I understand that you need a lot of information.

Bottom line, if you are highly motivated to enjoy optimum success, prosperity, and independence, you will find this letter fascinating, provocative and enjoyable, and I doubt you'll mind its length.

I will start by telling you of the origins of the core idea behind the original 'Renegade Millionaire System,' before leading into the BRAND NEW version for 2020.

We begin...

On a dark and stormy night in 1917, a young man was invited to the mansion of America's first billionaire, Andrew Carnegie. In front of a flickering fire, the young, ambitious reporter, at the time contributing to a tiny, obscure magazine, quizzed Carnegie about his 'principles of success'. The crusty Carnegie was impressed by the earnest young fellow, and suddenly offered him a shocking proposition:

"On your behalf, I will use my considerable influence to arrange opportunities for you, Mr. Hill, to personally spend time with over 500 of the greatest achievers of our time.

These will include my fellow industrialists, inventors, entrepreneurs, merchants, as well as statesmen, artists, and others. You will have as much time as you desire to interview and observe them. Your mission will be to validate my belief that success is a matter of principles, of universal laws, which can be enumerated, taught, learned and adhered to, then used as skills to deliver predictable results, just as man might learn the laws and skills of making steel.

You will accomplish this mission by identifying the beliefs and behaviors that all these great achievers share in common. No money or stipend shall be paid to you by me. You must find ways to support yourself while working on this project. Your goal will be the publication of some sort of 'success encyclopedia' enumerating the laws. Whatever the financial rewards arise from that are yours. You now have just 60 seconds to accept or reject my offer…"

And with that, Carnegie opened his pocket watch, held it face up, and waited.

Napoleon Hill said YES, with a second to spare.

20 years later, the no-longer-young Napoleon Hill had his book, THINK AND GROW RICH, published, summarizing his interviews and investigations into the lives of over 500 of these extraordinary achievers and leaders. He did support himself through the 20 years, as an outstanding direct-response ad copywriter, lecturer, salesman, and as he completed the manuscript for the actual encyclopedia 'LAWS OF SUCCESS', condensed as 'THINK AND GROW RICH', as a speech writer for President Roosevelt. His book has lived since as the most famous, most read book on the subject of success. And you may be thinking: I've read it. I know this.   Nothing new here.

I get it.  But be a bit patient, for this is just the beginning…

I relate this story to you, incidentally, based upon Hill's own writings, and conversations I had with two men who knew him and worked with him personally, my friend, Foster Hibbard, and W. Clement Stone. I met Mr. Stone after working on the 'Think And Grow Rich' television infomercial, for my client, the Guthy-Renker Corporation, in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Without showing Napoleon Hill's work any disrespect, because I mean none, I want to point out something important: Hill ONLY met with these people, interviewed these people, and in many cases studied them only from afar. Since then, numerous authors have emulated Hill's basic approach: studying successful people or companies and attempting to set aside their many differences, identify their few, key commonalities. Tom Peters did it with 'In Search Of Excellence.' Thomas Stanley, 'The Millionaire Next Door.' Gene Landrum, 'Profiles Of Greatness.'  Jim Collins with ‘Good to Great’.

But ALL have ONLY observed, interviewed, then assembled their findings.

My 'NEW Renegade Millionaire System' is based on the same premise, but stands in sharp contrast to all these predecessors because ….


NO ONE ELSE can take you inside the businesses, strategies, behaviors and thinking of Renegade Millionaires as I can. From EXPERIENCE. Furthermore, my work has a bias no other presentation of 'laws of success' has: RENEGADE! Actually, AUTONOMY. Not just succeeding or just making enormous sums of money, but doing so ON YOUR TERMS.

I have compiled a number of different perspectives into my NEW Renegade Millionaire System:

  1. 1
    The inside information from working closely with over 150 first generation, from scratch millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and million dollar+ per year earners.
  2. 2
    My own life experience.
  3. 3
    A thorough retrospective and up-dating of all my previously written, recorded, published and even previously unpublished works.

The goal is to give you a clearer, more definitive blueprint than you've ever seen or possessed before, for achieving whatever business/money/success/fame/impact and influence goals you may have, while absolutely defying all normal, common, ordinary boundaries and restrictions - on speed, ease, independence.

So, let me tell you about each of these categories of source material synthesized into this new blueprint:

The Goal

#1: Inside Information

At the top of this letter, I said:

Welcome To The Radical Underground.

There is a radical underground in the entrepreneurial world. There are things we know and discuss sparingly and cautiously with one another, but rarely with outsiders - because what we know so diametrically differs with what the overwhelming majority believe about money, success and independence, we risk some retribution akin to witches being burned at stakes for blasphemy. If you think this simply 'hype', as one piece of evidence, I'll mention that many of the very rich entrepreneurs I hang out with and work with have, at one time or another, literally been persecuted by the peers and their particular trade or professional associations for too radically challenging the norms of their industries.

I am about to invite you into this 'secret society.'

Of course, most of what you may read or hear elsewhere about 'secret societies', secrets, and insider information is unadulterated, stinking B.S. And I'm not actually talking about some formal, institutionalized secret society here, with its own handshake, password and blood oath. What I am talking about, is a fairly sizeable group I've been privileged to both develop and be a part of, who make their large incomes and create their wealth in opposition, in many ways, to everything you've ever been taught or told about the subjects of 'money' and 'wealth', and who make their incomes and create their wealth more easily, with less struggle; more pleasurably and more independently than 95% of all business people. In short, they have and use a radically different blueprint.

For the most part, how they do what they do goes unnoticed, not understood, by those around them. And they've - we've learned - often the hard way - there's no benefit from attempting to enlighten friends, family or peers. In fact, doing so is, at best futile; at worst, dangerous.

So, exactly WHO is in MY radical underground?

Here are the details:

Over the past 39 years, I've worked very closely, for long, continuing periods of time; in some cases, a decade or longer; with over 150 entrepreneurs I now describe as RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE ENTREPRENEURS. And I will, later in this letter, talk about my 'different' definition of 'millionaire' purely in financial terms. But here, now, a broader picture of these people….

All are first generation millionaires and multi-millionaires.

That means they did not inherit their wealth. Nor, incidentally, did they marry it. They did not start in business with a pot of money. Most come from modest backgrounds, many from outright poverty --- growing up in homes with no indoor plumbing, or in inner city ghettos, or other similar circumstances.

Almost all started and built businesses from scratch.

That means they did not begin by stepping into a family business - the few in this group who did, turned tiny, ordinary businesses into much more exciting, much more profitable businesses. They did not purchase already established companies. And most started in their first businesses with little or no directly relevant education or apprenticeship. Many came from mundane jobs: car mechanic, hotel busboy, waitress, and so on.

Most have focused on 'renegade' business 'models.'

Many have, by deliberate strategy and preference, kept their businesses 'small', in terms of numbers of employees and money captive in buildings, equipment or infrastructure, even in terms of gross sales --- yet NOT in terms of net profit taken home. A lot of these entrepreneurs I work with have homebased businesses doing a million to a few million dollars a year, while some have bigger businesses --- as many as 25 or 30 stores or offices, as much as 20 or 30-million dollars a year. A few have built businesses doing 100-million to as much as 800-million a year. But most are the small operators by choice. In all cases, their bottom-line profits are extraordinary by conventional standards.

As example, one, who does over 3-million a year, from his home office, with two employees at another location, keeps 2-million net. He also takes 12 weeks of vacation during the year. He is not a rare bird in my group; he is the 'underground' norm. But unlike the Thomas Stanley/Millionaire Next Door crowd, mine engage in "unusual" businesses or, at least, applying "unusual" business models to seemingly ordinary businesses. While some of their other behaviors about money mimic what you read about in Stanley's research, their businesses are definitely NOT "next-door ordinary." However, I'd quickly add, nothing they do is outside the reach or use of ANYONE now reading this letter.

In fact, you might draw courage and inspiration from the fact that….

They are all personally or emotionally dysfunctional in one way or another!

I suppose every human being is. As Adler put it, normalcy is abnormality. But just as these individuals' success and results are extreme, so are their dysfunctions. It is a huge myth, and major barrier to success, that the entrepreneurs with the biggest incomes and greatest businesses are somehow 'gifted' or 'super-human', and possess 'powers' or 'luck' denied most mortals. In my NEW Renegade Millionaire System, I make a single, powerful, profound, vast-experience-based statement about this --- which I won't give you for free, here --- that can liberate your own moneymaking power the minute you grasp it. For now, here, let me simply say there is absolutely no inherent 'power', intelligence or other advantage possessed by any of these people that you, too, do not possess. If you spent as much time with as many millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs as I have and do, you would be SHOCKED, and I mean, shocked at --- in many ways --- how "screwed up" they are. And how little any of this matters!

They have very little in common.

If you brought all 100+ of them together in one room…..watched and eavesdropped on them through a secret looking glass…..interviewed them….had 'shrinks' run psychological profiles on them…'d be SHOCKED to discover how little they have in common. That's why it is so very, very difficult to accurately identify the very few things that really matter. They look different, act different, talk different, are of vastly different ages, different backgrounds, different religions, different interests.

Within the 30 or so I now work with most closely and continuously there are: very flamboyant extroverts, very quiet, even shy introverts.

In their 20's, 30's, 60's.

…Some married to the same person for 20 years or longer, others 'swinging singles.' At least one, married, a 'swinger.'

…Catholic, protestant, metaphysical/new age.

…Interested in: fly fishing, another in golf, another with zero interest in or knowledge of any sports.

…Some super-techies, some who need help turning on a light switch.  A few with advanced college degrees, a few more who barely escaped high school.

…Some who tell off-color jokes, others who are offended by them. Some who love fine wines and caviar, others who prefer a cheeseburger and beer. Cautious, bold. Wrestling with guilt, nearly without conscience. Hilarious, nearly absent a sense of humor. Workaholic, incredibly lazy. I could fill another twenty pages with their differences, but those would be twenty very unproductive pages.

The point is, while they have very, very, very little in common, the few commonalities they do share are critically, vitally important, profoundly significant, and when understood, make major contribution to the 'blueprint' I promise you; the blueprint for for achieving whatever goals…..whatever business/money/success/fame/impact and influence goals you may have, while absolutely defying all normal, common, ordinary boundaries and restrictions - on speed, ease, independence.

Before we're done, I'll return to this subject, and give you something of a "peek" into these commonalities. And I stress, again, as I will again, what I tell you about their few but vital commonalities is NOT based on mere observation, interview or research, but on sleeves rolled up, hands dirty, in the trenches, up close and personal work with these people, on project after project, day in, day out, for years.

Which brings me to the SECOND CATEGORY of source material for my NEW Renegade Millionaire System: me. My life.

The Goal


To a huge degree, my NEW Renegade Millionaire System is more about them than me. After all, there are more than 150 of them, only one of me. And you should know, I have tried my damndest throughout the System to clearly separate my personal opinions from the thoroughly validated principles and strategies we all rely on.

It admittedly requires a certain arrogance to place a high value on sharing one's own life experiences, although the people who know me best would assure you, I'm not in this for ego. I call my life "expensive experience", because in many ways, it seems to me I've simply made a lot more mistakes at a much faster pace than most, actually at breakneck speed compared to most. I have found that a lot of people, including the very Renegade Millionaire Entrepreneurs we're talking about, seem to get a lot of value from my experiences. So, my personal experiences are all frankly discussed, summarized, and have combined to produce this System.

I have done business BEFORE the FAX, Internet, cellphones, personal computers were available. I have made money without money. I have spotted unseen opportunities and unrecognized talent, grabbed and capitalized on both. I have literally invented entire industries, as well as radically different ways of doing business.

I have received the praise, accolades and recognition of peers, but I have also been summarily evicted from one of my industry associations and had to sue to gain reinstatement.

I have consulted with and coached people in 156 product, service, business and profession categories (at last count), and seen the gritty, true insides of hundreds and hundreds of businesses.

I have lived through:

  • Only 1 job
  • 40+ years self-employed (not counting entrepreneurial activities while still in high school)
  • 11 businesses
  • 3 careers
  • 1 corporate, 1 personal bankruptcy
  • 2 lawsuits
  • 4 clients (1 friend) sent to prison
  • 3 businesses sold, 2 satisfactorily
  • 47 employees
  • 4 major beusiness/life reinventions
  • 2 relocations
  • 2 divorces
  • 22 years of marriage (#2), 3 years (#1)
  • 1 step-daughter's teenage years
  • 10 or so years of alcohol abuse (I no longer drink)
  • 2 parents' deaths
  • 1 disease (diabetes)
  • 1 personal very near-death experience
  • 14 years of torturous travel (now I get to stay at home)
  • 1800+ speeches
  • 25 books written for publishers
  • 1,000s of ad and direct-mail campaigns created for myself and for clients
  • 43 TV infomercial projects
  • 10 U.S. Presidents
  • 1 return to horse racing
  • 150+ pari-mutual drives (as of this writing)
  • 12 race wins (as of this writing), ample number last place finishes)
  • 2 fortunes made, 1 kept

I have spent time in some pretty rarified air. As a speaker, I've hung out backstage in the 'green room' for hours upon hours with countless household name celebrities from the world of sports, music, business, show-business, and even politics.

I've been paid handsomely to consult with - and thus become privy to much - large, interesting companies like Weight Watchers International, Amway Corporation, Sun Securities, and Proactiv. From each, at least one useful, sometimes astounding lesson.

I have arrived at a place of zero financial need or worry, with no need to do another day's work, should I so desire.  For now, I still happen to love my work.  And, at least as important, at a place of total autonomy, THE most important topic of this entire letter yet to come.

But it wasn’t always like that…

I have been so 'financially embarrassed', had a thief broken into my dinky apartment, he'd have left a donation.

I lost half of all the wealth I had created in some 20 years through divorce, but then replaced it all in under 24 months. (As an aside, I know what it takes to "turn on" very big, very rapid 'wealth floods'.) I can even afford investing in racehorses, the investment that eats while you sleep. I also own residential and commercial real estate (and have invested in as much as $640,000.00 worth in one 30 day period), commercial paper and notes, stocks, bonds, numismatics, and more. I'm extremely active in the racing business, including driving 4,5, 6 races a week myself, and can afford giving this as much time as I choose.

I have seen and experienced - and daily, see and experience much that, properly synthesized, can be of immense value to you.  Evidenced many ways - but, for example, by the fact that members of my private coaching groups chose to pay me over $500,000.00 a year to sit in a room only several times a year with me and talk.

I have helped a lot of people make truly gigantic sums of money….build amazing businesses from scratch…. turn failing businesses into successes…..even quite literally go from monstrous debt, poverty and frustration to liberty, wealth and extreme self-confidence.

“If it weren’t for you, Eileen and I would NOT be millionaires right now. We probably own every single thing you’ve ever written, recorded or produced, but this Renegade Millionaire System is your greatest program, possibly the greatest wealth-making, truth-telling program period. Any entrepreneur who does NOT get this is a complete idiot. Any entrepreneur who fails to make a fortune thanks to it is an even bigger idiot.”

T.J. Rohleder, Goessell, Kansas

The main thing I want you to know about all this is that I've held virtually nothing back about me or my experiences. In my NEW Renegade Millionaire System, you get it all. Painful as well as pleasurable topics discussed. Brilliant strategies to employ, but also humiliating, stupid, grievous errors to avoid.

The Goal


I have been very prolific. I suspect you know that.

Some would say more prolific than good, and that's more for you to judge than for me. I wrote and sold my first information-product in 1972, while a junior in high school. I also wrote one in 1973 for another publisher that has sold over a million copies. I recorded my first audio cassette program in 1978. It was, frankly, horrid, and I pray that every last copy has finally wended through garage sales to landfills. However, the earliest and worst aside, I have turned all my personal business experiences, examples, successes and failures, as well as everything learned from the vast amount of consulting work, into one book, manual, tape, course, system, newsletter, etc. after another. In addition to everything actually published --- in total, well over 5,000 hours of audio recordings alone! --- there is a large room full of unpublished material, such as speech and seminar notes, consulting files, transcripts of interviews, even books in progress. Much of this is 100% as valid today as it was when first uttered or put on paper.  It’s value transcends time, like pure gold.

Other material reflects viewpoints of mine that have changed, knowledge that has expanded, and is flawed either by misstatement or omission.

In this NEW Renegade Millionaire System - I painstakingly covered all the prior ground, to both validate and update where appropriate.

It was a mountainous task.


First, I went through rooms (plural) of the material, to narrow it down to roughly half a UPS truck full.

Second, I delivered that load to my colleague, Lee Milteer.

I engaged Lee to go through it all. Listen to every audio. Watch every video. Read every word. Highlight every item she judged key. Weed out redundancy. Ultimately, build a smaller mountain of questions to put to me, for my current answers.

It took her five months of dedicated effort.

It is an investment on my part of tens of thousands of dollars that, with her royalties, will likely exceed $100,000.00.

Third, from Lee came over 250 possible questions.

Fourth, I spent weeks whittling them down, combining them, sorting them. And then preparing some brief notes to assist in answering them.

Fifth, she again re-wrote and re-arranged the final collection of questions, added and subtracted.

Sixth, we locked ourselves into my Ohio home for 3 days, and recorded just over 40 hours of unrehearsed, unscripted conversations with these questions.

Ultimately, seventh, Steve Tyra edited these interviews to 16 hours.

Eighth, I created both "Notes" and a related "Archives File" to support the interviews. More about that later.

If you can visualize, for a moment, all that has gone through my 'synthesizing process' to get to this point, it is amazing. 40+ years of my own experiences; everything gleaned from all the up close, in trenches work with over 100 millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs; and the entire library of my life works. Imagine running Niagara Falls through a series of filters to ultimately produce one pint of the freshest, purest, most flavorful water ever bottled. Or dumping all the diamonds mined in an entire year from all the diamond mines in the world into a giant grinder, then that through another grinder, and on and on, until producing one diamond; the most brilliant, most perfect diamond ever seen. I immodestly tell you, this is what has been done, culminating in this NEW Renegade Millionaire System.

Well, now that you know the sources of the System, let's get to the really good part: the promised result of applying the System to your business life:

“Using a technique you discussed in your Renegade Millionaire System, in the last 10 days, I’ve added over $100,000.00 in business .... I have to tell you, the distillation process you and Lee Milteer went through to extract SCIENCE and PROCESS of being or becoming a Renegade Millionaire is just plain amazing. As you know, following your advice over the years has been damn profitable for me. With the Renegade Millionaire System, you’ve put all your best advice in one convenient, easy to get to location, and I’ll be using it a lot. Oh, and one last thing. I thought it was interesting (at the May event) that the first folks to lay down cash money for your System were people who needed it least, like Ron Ipach, Rory Fatt, all self-made millionaires in their own right. They practice the ‘principle of the slight edge’. Which is why, as you know, they are where they are, financially and personally.”

Jerry Jones, Salem, OR


AUTONOMY is doing…

What you want
When you want
Where you want
With whom you want
At the price you want
At the terms you want

or cheerfully, guiltlessly, confidently, securely, painlessly saying “No” and “Next.”

That is THE position you want to get into, as quickly as possible. If you agree with that statement; if this is the position you aspire to, and you want to get there now not "someday", then you will find my NEW Renegade Millionaire System to be THE most important and beneficial information you have ever acquired, at any price - I promise you that.

Do you want to engineer a business life with employees - or without? With contact with customers - or no contact with customers? What DON'T you want to do?….never cold prospect….never negotiate price….never wear a necktie?

Do you want to work 3 day weeks? Take or return no calls evenings or weekends? Take the entire month of December off?

Do you want to live 6 months of the year in Hawaii, 6 months in Chicago? Alternate weeks between being in your office and on your boat?

On and on - you CAN change anything or everything you want to, and force your business to support your preferred lifestyle.

I know, I know, you find that hard to believe. Or you may be willing to believe I can or others can, but think you can't. Platinum Member Dr. Tom Orent gave me a poster for my conference room, with my quote: "….But My Business Is Different." Everybody thinks theirs is, which is why most people stay enslaved to their businesses instead of masters of it. Tom is as good an example as any: he totally re-invented his information business, slashed travel, created over 1-million dollars a year of new income from a more desirable source requiring a bare minimum of work, and sold both his dental practices. He will cheerfully tell you he accomplished more in creating his ideal lifestyle and required wealth in 3 years than in the previous 15. I'm pleased to say I had something to do with all of it.

I want to tell you about my own Autonomy, then mention a few other people. I tell you this not to brag but as demonstration. And while you may not want the same specifics I want, pay more attention to the big ideas, please.

First, it's important to know: I started practicing a high level of Autonomy long before I could afford to do so. When people see how I live and do business now, they're prone to grumble - easy for him, he's got millions, he's in huge demand, etc. But they miss a vital point: you get the outcome of utopian Autonomy by practicing Autonomy. It is both outcome and predicate.

“The application of your ideas has already made me hundreds of thousands of dollars over just the last 2 years. $173,000.00 of that in the last 2 months. I just finished listening to the Renegade Millionaire System yesterday. Wow! Is there ever a lot of solid, no b.s. truth in there! I’m going through it all again making my action plan. I am already a millionaire, but I still haven’t achieved the freedom and control I desire. I now want to become a Renegade Millionaire.”

Gene Kelly, California

So, just for example, when I first started in speaking and in consulting, I had little money, and desperately needed next week's income. From the beginning, I refused to accept any speaking engagement where I could not sell product - even though I was counseled by virtually every established speaker against this requirement. In 29 years, I've lost two engagements by sticking to my guns on this, and I've made a ton of money in places other speakers believe you are not allowed to sell. Even working at an IBM conference. However, one of those 2 gigs I lost was in my 2nd month of speaking for a living, when I could ill afford passing up any work. In consulting, from the start, I refused doing any free meetings - even lunch - or proposals.

Let's leap to today, although most of what I'm about to describe has been in place for quite a few years.

I do not own a cellphone. I feel great pity and sadness for the fools with these things glued to their ears. Dr. Phil and I agree on this: you just can't be that important a person, that you must annoy everyone in your wake, by constantly, incessantly yapping on that damned phone. Walking to lunch with friends you're not with them - you're on the phone. I've seen a father in his front yard trying to play catch with his son and talk on his cellphone. He should be horsewhipped. In front of his son, so the kid learns something. I now routinely see men in public restrooms standing at urinals, peeing and talking on their cellphones simultaneously. Friend, if you can't pee in peace, opt for a bullet between the eyes and put yourself and everyone around you out of misery. I feel even greater pity and sadness for the even bigger fools who feel compelled to answer anyone and everyone who might call them on their cellphones, anytime, anywhere, 24-7. Asses, all. If you are perceived by your clients, boss, or marketplace as that pathetic an interchangeable commodity, that you live in dire fear of losing a piece of business by not being instantly and constantly accessible, you've got gigantic problems that can only get worse, until no cellphone, no instant, eager response can solve them. You are a dead man talking, and you're too dumb to know it.

Not only don't I own one of these infernal things, I take virtually no unscheduled phone calls at all. Even clients paying me $100,000.00 or more a year make advance appointments to talk with me on the phone – and those are kept to a minimum, as I prefer getting FAXes. I tend to "gang" all the necessary phone appointments into a day or two every two or three weeks. This lets me work (or play) ALL the rest of the time 100% free of interruptions, work stoppages, annoyances. (I also do not use e-mail, incidentally.)

Everybody in every business I'm in says this cannot be done. Pfui.

A handful of years back, I was traveling more than Lewis & Clark. Now I travel once in a blue moon, extremely rarely.  I re-engineered my entire business, radically, to make this change. I walked away from over $500,000.00 a year in income to do it. But I filled that vacuum I created with more money made to suit my preferences within a year.

Now I actually make clients come to - even put entire events in – Cleveland.  Yes Cleveland!  I fire troublesome clients.  I work only with people I enjoy working with, period, no exceptions. I have for example, paid out $20,000.00 to rid myself of a 'mistake'; a client who was causing me stress.

It has been years since I've sold myself or my services. Oh, I'm still sometimes asked; someone wants references, or for me to 'pitch' myself to him or his company's decision-making committee. I always refuse. It's my strongest belief that ANYONE --- Realtor, dog groomer --- can put themselves in exactly this same position.  I have raised my fees, overall, by nearly 400% in the last 3 years.  In one area of my work, I am now charging more than famous, even legendary peers with two to three times my experience. Yet I turn away as much work as I take and am overbooked.

I live pretty much as I choose. If I want to take mornings to go out to the track and train my horses, days off to go to a fair where one of the young horses is racing, I do. I work by choice with no staff underfoot; in fact, my sole staff person is in an office I set foot in fewer than six times last year. We talk for under an hour three or four days a week by phone. If you go back to the Autonomy List - which I suggest you keep - I score between a '9' and a '10', on a 1-10 scale, on every single one of the items listed. Don't envy me. Join me.


  • Thinking “my business is different”
  • Controlled by others opinions and beliefs
  • Controlled by past experience
  • Slave to industry norms
  • Fear
  • Weakness
  • Refusal to repel, get rid of
  • Lack of clarity
  • Strategy incongruent with goals: keep tightening the shackles
  • Small thinking
  • Insufficient transaction size/margin/ customer value
  • Unable to break fee of Work-To-Money Link thinking/behavior

Contrary to what some would think, I'm far from alone. In fact, I've inspired, coached and assisted quite a few people in re-engineering their business life to one of Autonomy. I could fill a book with just the stories of their initial doubts, their rapid and dramatic transformations, and their present industry-norm-defying autonomy practices.

Instead of a book full, just a very few quick, abbreviated examples: My long-time friend Tracy Tolleson is a mortgage broker, who gets 70% of his business from real estate agents. Real estate agents show houses and hold open houses on weekends and evenings, and they think they should be able to call and talk to their mortgage provider at a moment's notice. Mortgage brokers think they are commodities (like milk at a convenience store) and feel desperate to take a call anytime, all the time. Tracy turns off his cell and neither takes or returns calls after 6:00 PM, or on weekends. He earns over $500,000.00 a year.

Similarly, Darrin Garman is a broker of apartment buildings, investment real estate. Every other such agent in his business feels compelled to take and return calls as if every one urgent, any time, all the time. Darrin does not. Further, Darrin will not even meet or attempt to do business with an investor/buyer until they first sign an exclusive agreement with him and pay an access fee. He now controls nearly 70% of all the transactions in his area. And, unlike any agent in his area, and unlike 90% of them anywhere, he now has new buyers coming to him - in Iowa - from all over the United States and Canada.

I could talk about so many others running Autonomy-Based Businesses, contrary to their industry norms, to what others think possible, to what they once believed possible.

Here is what my group of Renegade Millionaires has discovered:

You CAN have it YOUR way.

Regardless of the business you're in, town you're in, competitors you have, income you now have, your current wealth or lack thereof, regardless of any variable you can possibly name. If you will deliberately get in sync with how we Renegade Millionaire Entrepreneurs think, talk, act, market and operate, then, yes, YOU – I mean: YOU - can have it YOUR way!

YOUR MISSION - should you decide to accept it! - is to get perfectly, totally in sync, mentally, emotionally, strategically and behaviorally with the Renegade Millionaires, so you can enjoy the results of Renegade Millionaires.

I have provided and "packaged up" a number of different ways you can do that:

  • Close Observation
  • Insider Access
  • Insight
  • Frank Discussino
  • Concise Summary
  • Specific Strategies
  • 24 Exercises
  • Reference Materials
  • Immersion (7 to 21X)
  • Focused Thinking - using the Exercises
  • Selected Application

What you can do:

Let’s quickly talk about each ....

I doubt anyone has had as much opportunity as I've had for CLOSE OBSERVATION of over a hundred true Renegade Millionaires over time, in many cases over a decade or even longer, in their natural habitats, in their businesses and lives.

But beyond the CLOSE OBSERVATION, I'm giving you my unique INSIDER

ACCESS. Remember, I didn't just observe 'em, like a visitor to a zoo; I got in the cage, in the monkey dung with 'em. We've worked together closely and intensely. Found opportunities. Solved problems. Dealt with everything from money to marriage to legal troubles to mergers and acquisitions to --- well, you name it, professional or personal, good or bad, opportunity or crisis, victory and defeat, ingenious new discovery or humiliating misjudgment, I've been there with over 100 of them.

Now you'll re-live it all through me, and walk away with the FEW BUT VITAL COMMONALITIES and the TO-DO STRATEGIES that can skyrocket you to

Total Autonomy, now, not 'someday'. You can join us. Add to this, INSIGHT. It's one thing to observe something. Another to experience something. But neither observation or even experience guarantees translation to practical, useful, profitable understanding and strategy.

I think I'm a pretty good coach, helping people get from observation and experience to insightful understanding, then all the way to profitable application. It's a continuum a lot of folks stall on. The entrepreneurs I work with do NOT stall. Add to this, very FRANK DISCUSSION. In the discussions in this System, I pull no punches. Sugarcoat nothing. Of course, I'm famous for bluntness anyway. The "no B.S. guy". But this goes beyond my previous edges. You may be surprised at some of the questions raised, I'm certain you'll be surprised at how open I am in answering them. In fact, a few who know me well, who've listened to it all, have questioned my sanity in putting myself through this. I can assure, you'll find damned few other multi-millionaire, from-scratch entrepreneurs willing to answer these questions and reveal this much about themselves, their experiences and the people they've worked with.

Add to this, CONCISE SUMMARY. I doubt you want to spend the same five months Lee did just sifting and sorting all my life's works, to unearth the gems. Let alone try to live my 29 years' expensive experience via your own trial and error. Not if you're smart. You know, you can read every book written - ever - about time management (I own over 300 myself!) and you will only find ten techniques worth using. Just ten. (They're in my book, NO B.S. TIME MANAGEMENT, available at And you'll barely find any real insight into moving from fighting with time management to living with autonomy. What's it worth - in YOUR time - to have everything that I and over 100 other Renegade Millionaire Entrepreneurs did and do, to be able to achieve a myriad of exciting, richly rewarding goals and live life on your terms, concisely summarized and presented to you in one blueprint? …YOUR blueprint for achieving whatever goals…..whatever business/money/success/fame/impact and influence

goals you may have, while absolutely defying all normal, common, ordinary boundaries and restrictions – on speed, ease, independence.

Be assured, there are SPECIFIC STRATEGIES, including the really major-major ones I call 'Renegade Millionaire MEGA-Strategies', clearly listed and described. This is NOT about 'ideas', 'theory' or 'philosophy.' It has underlying philosophy amply discussed, but one of the biggest secrets about Renegade Millionaires is that their success is behavioral. In other words, it is the result of certain things they DO, and do repeatedly, in a consistent way. So this System is about things to DO --- not things to idly think about, mull over, philosophize about.

To push you to DO, not just think, I created 24 EXERCISES. Some are 'old;’ I've used them with clients in coaching or in seminar work before, some a lot, some rarely. Others were built just for this System, to link to certain of the Mega-Strategies. These are NOT just "workbook fluff" though. Not exercises with no practical application. Not exercise for exercise' sake. Every one leads to doing something to or in your business or business life, to yield radical improvement, measurable result. And on top of all that, the System comes with a lot of REFERENCE MATERIALS that support the discussions.

How will you use the System?

I suggest IMMERSION. That means listening once all the way through, then listening again at least 7 times, then picking a segment or two of prime significance to you, to listen to yet again. Do most of this while driving, mowing the lawn, walking, whatever. But do it at least once, pen in hand, to jot notes. Immerse yourself in Renegade Millionaire thinking for 60 days or so. Just bury yourself in it. Give yourself the time needed to question, doubt, debate, disagree, ponder, accept, test, and ultimately embrace everything.

Then FOCUS YOUR THINKING with the help of the 24-Exercises. And practice SELECTED APPLICATION. Take one strategy after another and apply it. There are very, very fast results to be had. But this is also a System you'll live with over quite some time, returning to get the next Strategy, after applying one before.

Remember, that the objective is Autonomy like you've never enjoyed before. That requires some commitment. Now, here's how I am actually DELIVERING everything we've talked about into your hands:

What do the COMPONENT PARTS of the System include?

6 Renegade Millionaire Resources Assembled In One Dramatic, Life Changing Package valued At $6,207.99, But You’ll Invest Just A Fraction Of That If You Make The Wise Decision To Invest Before The Clock Strikes Midnight. 

You Can Buy With Confidence As We Back Your Investment With Our No B.S., No Holds Barred, No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and you’ll get INSTANT Digital Access To All Of It The Instant You Say YES! 

  1. 1
    Renegade Millionaire 2.0 System - $2,297.00 Value 
  2. 2
    The Original Renegade Millionaire System - $1,997.00 Value
  3. 3
    Renegade Millionaire Marketing - $1,397.00 Value
  4. 4
    Renegade Millionaire Time Management - $297.00 Value
  5. 5
    Renegade Millionaire Retreat - $1,397.00 Value
  6. 6
     Renegade Millionaire Book - $14.95 Value 

Total Value $6,207.99 - Just $1,997 

Renegade Millionaire 2.0 - $2,297.00 Value

During this training, Dan identified and revealed strategies to address 17 DISEMBOWLING DEVELOPMENTS that turn Renegade Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires into cowed, cowardly, creatively constipated, compromised, conformists - literally killing the primal energy that raised them up in the first place. 

And be warned these 17 malignancies can have a DISASTROUS effect on you, your team, your organization, and your future. Just because you are banking big profits now is absolutely NO guarantee it continues. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, your success is yours - IF you can keep it.

You’ll receive all the entire program shipped to you that includes: The Manuals, 12 CDs and 9 DVD’s including a Special Session with Copywriting Legend John Carlton! 

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • The little-known story of the Disney movie no one wanted to make, how the OK to do it was obtained, and how it altered the course of the company forever for the good. This same method has been used to raise BILLIONS for startups, even when they're failing!
  • The secret that explains why two seemingly identical people or businesses doing seemingly identical things get vastly different results.
  • SHOW and TELL examples that you can apply to not only your current business but any business opportunity you may decide to pursue in the future.
  • The Four and ONLY Four opportunity-based methods to make a business “Super-Sustainable and virtually impervious to evolutionary disintegration or revolutionary ruin.
  • Effective ways to respond to NEW threats to prosperity, autonomy, and security by identifying NEW opportunities, new media, and applying powerful Renegade Millionaire strategies.

If you stand with most in your field... if you do things the way most in your field do them - trying only to be incrementally better... if you are slow to radical, dynamic change, movement, and re-invention... then it’s the fiery pit for you. Conversely, In the last twelve months, specific applications of these Renegade Millionaire strategies by Dan’s clients added over $54-Million to their incomes. Sure, there were some dead ends and failed efforts - but the net result was $54-Million.

Bottom Line: Renegade-ism isn’t merely an option now. It’s a vital necessity. It means you finally experience complete control over your affairs. At last, you can reject any and all efforts to control you - your thoughts and your emotions; your business decisions; your business methods and practices; your time; your money; your life. If this sounds like the kind of business you dream of, then this is for you!

You’ll receive all the entire program shipped to you that includes: The Manuals, 12 CDs and 9 DVD’s including a Special Session with Copywriting Legend John Carlton! 

The Original Renegade Millionaire System - $1,997.00 Value

The personal interviews with Dan Kennedy extend over 12 CDs / MP3’s, so you can listen anywhere.

Remember, Lee Milteer invested five long months building the collection of questions. They were engineered to have me validate everything I've taught that can be validated, update what needed to be up-dated….to draw out of me information, insights, experiences of value including those never discussed elsewhere. She was your surrogate. And, to spend 2 days asking me these same questions yourself would require a consulting fee of $19,400.00, per day.

Any ONE answer, of course, could be worth a lot more to you. In any case, I have never before sat still and subjected myself to such a lengthy, extensive, intense, prying and provocative interview.  This one element normally sells for $2,000.00 on it’s own.

You’ll get the HUGE, 146-page Desk Reference Manual tracks the audio presentations, and includes:
17 MEGA-Strategies
28 Core Competencies
24 Exercises - a 6 Month Action Course

The MEGA-Strategies represent THE most vital of all beliefs, behaviors and business strategies used in common by all/ the Renegade Millionaires. The Core Competencies are the skills you must master --- these are specific skills you can measure in yourself, learn about, improve and strengthen. The Exercises are designed for use, one every week, over a 6- month term. These Exercises lead in practical application of the Strategies and Competencies.

You’ll also get the giant 396-page Archives Book is a collection of relevant resources and reference materials, including:  Excerpts from my original Money/Business/Success Courses (Volume I and II)….

  • Transcript of my classic Million Dollar Thinking program
  • Transcript of my famous million dollar sales presentation
  • Selected ads, sales letters and articles.  Most of these materials are long out-of-print and unavailable elsewhere. 

In original form, these sold for more than $2,000.00. If you could find them piece-meal, used, by haunting e-bay, you'd spend even more to acquire them. These selections from past, 'lost' works give you insight into the evolution of my thinking and experience from the 1970's and 1980's to the present.

The Renegade Millionaire Retreat - $1,397.00 Value

Even though it took place years ago, people still talk about this event today.  The full video recordings from the special 3 day event are prized by countless renegade millionaires around the world.  It’s about BIG things.  BIG breakthroughs.  BIG money.  Business reinvention.  Discovering far, far greater and more exciting opportunities hidden away in your business than the ones you are now actively working on.  You’ll witness me interacting with attendees during ‘hot seat’ sessions where I reinvent a wide variety of struggling businesses.  One business owner later told me that his hot seat had made him literally over a million dollars.  To be sure, it was a powerful demonstration that was extremely useful and valuable to everyone in the room.  Among the many topics discussed, one of the favorites was how to create multiple income streams without losing focus.

Renegade Time Management System - $297.00 Value

Discover the tough-minded personal approach to achieving ABSOLUTE control over your time, your associates, and the world around you, so you can achieve more sustainability and control in your business.  This program shows you how to get more done, dictate your OWN rules and terms of engagement into every working relationship, and achieve your goals faster than ever before.

Renegade Millionaire Marketing - $497.00 Value

The only extended, in-depth, ADVANCED and “Nothing-Held-Back” discussion about the philosophies and strategic “Secrets” unique to Renegade Millionaire marketing.  This program contains Dan’s frank and detailed answers to questions submitted by members, including vital issues, like how to evaluate, choose between, and prioritize opportunities…. INVOLVEMENT of customers in the choices…. finding UN-obvious opportunities

….a Key Advertising STRATEGY misunderstood by most - the reason so many waste their ad dollars….the distinct difference in the way Renegade Millionaires invest in marketing, the priority we have that others don't…three strategies for moving customers up ascension ladders, and much much more.

A copy of my NEW book: Renegade Millionaire: 7 Secrets to Extreme Wealth, Autonomy, and Entrepreneurial success$19.99 Value

As I’ve stated throughout this letter, being a renegade millionaire means having the willingness, know-how, and courage to transform an ordinary business into an extraordinary, wealth-producing asset that can change your life forever.  Inside this revolutionary book, you’ll find a collection of practical, rubber-meets-road kind of material, 100 percent based on the real-life experiences of well over 150 first-generation, from-scratch, entrepreneurial millionaires and multimillionaires. 

As I’ve stated throughout this letter, being a renegade millionaire means having the willingness, know-how, and courage to transform an ordinary business into an extraordinary, wealth-producing asset that can change your life forever.  Inside this revolutionary book, you’ll find a collection of practical, rubber-meets-road kind of material, 100 percent based on the real-life experiences of well over 150 first-generation, from-scratch, entrepreneurial millionaires and multimillionaires.

There are now 2 questions to tackle:

Question #1 — Should you get my NEW Renegade Millionaire System?  I mean, is it really important for you to do so? How can you tell? I actually have a MATHEMATICAL FORMULA to help you decide.

Question #2 — How much should you cheerfully invest to get it? Yes, I’ve got a mathematical formula for that, too.

Should YOU Invest In — And Commit To
Studying And Using This System?

Let me show you an important number, as preface to trying to answer the question: should you or shouldn’t you?  Is this really important for you or not?

Here’s the number: 78

Do you know what this number is?

As of this writing, it is the average life expectancy in the United States.

With that number, I'll do some quick math. I'll show you my math. Then you can do your math. My current number as of this writing is 64. I'm a month away from turning 65. Now, 78 minus 65 leaves 13.  I've got 13 years left, barring uncertainties. They tell me you lose 20% to eating, sleeping, defecating, 10% to shuffling paper and paying your bills, paying your taxes, and standing in lines.

That takes me down to 9 years I can decide what to do with.

Just 9.

Your number may be more. Or less.

But here's the question that determines just how important what I have to share with you about becoming a true Renegade Millionaire, so you can have Autonomy, is - just how much of whatever your number is, that you've got left, do you want to spend….doing things you don't want to do? Dealing with people who annoy you? How much of that number do you want to spend satisfying other peoples' expectations and demands? Write YOUR number down and look at it. Hard.

Now, just how quickly and radically do you want to change your business life? Or, how much longer do you want to continue 'as is'???

The clock's ticking. If you can hear the clock!…..if you would like a lot more Autonomy….then I think I've laid out a very, very compelling case for you using my NEW Renegade Millionaire System as your blueprint - your shortcut --- for getting it.

Which gets us to Question#2 –

How much should you cheerfully
invest for this System?

Let's do a bit more math.

First, judge me, based on whatever you know, and what you've read here. If I spill my guts to you via this System and you apply at least some of it, how much AUTONOMY IMPROVEMENT do you think can be created in your business life?

Pick a percentage. 10%? 20%? 30%? 50%?

Be conservative. Don't give me (or yourself) too much credit. But DO consider my track record.

So, pick a percentage and write it down. Now go back to your other number: the number of years you might have left. If, say, your number was my number: 16.1, and you thought we could get you only 20% more autonomy, you'd multiply 16.1 times 20% and get a yield of 3.22 years of total autonomy. 3.22 years = 1175.3 days = 28,207.2 blissful hours of total and complete autonomy, 28,207.2 hours doing only what you damned well please where you choose, when you choose, with whom you choose, and if doing business, at whatever price you demand.

Now all you have to decide is - if you could buy such hours, sitting across the desk from the seller, what would you offer for each one?

If you'd give but one measly, stinking dollar:  The System is worth $28,207.20.

If you had it - and, of course, you'll learn via my System just how remarkably infinite the supply of money readily, easily and quickly available to you is - then you and I know, you'd pay more than a dollar.

Would you pay $5.00 for each hour of total autonomy?

Guys pay more to try and get the same feeling, escaping to and hiding out on the golf course!

But I'm talking about this feeling AND this reality in real life. If you'd give just $5.00, then the System's price tag ought to be $141,036.00.

Regrettably, I know I cannot demand such a payment.

Even though there is at least 100-MILLION DOLLARS worth of 'wisdom' synthesized here….from 100 real-life, from-scratch millionaire entrepreneurs. And even though the Autonomy you can gain is priceless.

So, let's get to the actual price.

I discussed this with my Platinum Members, clients - my own little brain trust, before I set the price. Asked them to tell me what the price should be, knowing if I agreed, they would have to pay that price. One said: $10,000.00. Bless him, his children and his horse. Three suggested: $5,000.00. I have, on occasion, sold admittedly less comprehensive and far less valuable info-products for a $5,000.00 price tag. Several others suggested: $3,995.00.

Survey said - lowest price - $3,995.00.

I am not a greedy man. I am certainly money motivated, profit motivated. But I am not greedy. There is a distinct difference. I also have another consideration. I have invested, literally, my life into this System. I would like as many people of ambition and enterprise as possible to have it. At this stage of my life, I am, in fact, concerned with significance, not just success. I take pride in the cadre of Renegade Millionaires who see fit to thank me for helping them achieve their goals but I'm eager to make that list much, much longer. I am actually, for the first time in my life, less concerned with making the maximum possible profit on a sale than I am with putting this into the maximum number of peoples' lives.

I tell you that so you might know why I have clearly under-priced this System. Everyone has told me so. When I unveiled it for the first time at my live event, more than 200 people stampeded into line to get it, most - yes, most --- expressed pleasant surprise to the staff that it was priced so low.

If you are a cynic, you may not accept my explanation, and, actually, that probably doesn't matter much. But I am a teacher and champion of 'premium pricing', and I abhor and criticize people who routinely "go to the ocean with teaspoon when they could have taken a bucket - the ocean doesn't care." So, what I'm doing here is contrary to principle I teach. It is, in essence, an exception to my rule. And I suggest you take advantage of it now, before I come to my senses!

Anyway, I have cut the lowest price suggested to me by anyone: $3,995.00 by half, and set the price for my entire System at just $1997.

“During the breaks at the May program, I was chatting with one of my friends about your Renegade Millionaire System. We both agreed that you priced it way too low. You have probably left well over a million dollars on the table, that should be in your pockets, had you priced this at the level it should be priced. Hopefully, you will make it up in volume, as those who get access to it tell someone else, who tells someone else, and so on. I have spent a good deal more than $50,000.00 with you — has it been worth it? Yes.”

Stephen Roulac, California

I cannot emphasize enough - this is simply put, a 'steal', especially now that the system includes four other programs with a combined value of $6,207.99.

Your final question may be: what will Dan Kennedy guarantee?

Well, of course, I cannot guarantee any specific sum of money or amount of wealth you may realize. And the term 'millionaire' in the title is not intended as such a guarantee. The box itself will produce nothing, if not matched with your implementation, your enterprise, your drive. And I cannot judge that. But I can and will guarantee this: if this isn't THE most provocative, thought-provoking, challenging, motivating AND practical, strategy-filled 'success product' of any kind you've ever invested in…..and you find it disappointing in any way….you can return it in its entirety anytime within 30 days for a full, immediate refund of every penny you paid.  

Who else will give you a risk free 30 DAY test drive? Of anything?!

There are three strings attached.

First, I want to be very up-front with you. This was a very expensive product to produce, Each one has high cost as you'll see. We have chemically treated some of the pages and had a process applied to the audio components to detect illegal copying. Any returned unit will be checked. Not only will we then contest your right to refund, we may prosecute the copyright violation. I deeply regret even having to say this, but in recent years there seems to be an upswing in people lacking basic integrity, who are intentionally purchasing, copying ie. stealing information, with the intent of returning it for refund. I've decided not to tolerate it in this case, even once. If you are of criminal intent, please do not get a System. So, in purchasing, you warrant that you will not re-sell any individual component parts of the System on e-bay, or, for that matter, elsewhere.

Second, if, as result of the System, you make truly extraordinary breakthroughs and rapid, accelerated progress toward your goals, and you wind up feeling you grossly underpaid for this System, I'd appreciate you making a contribution of at least another $1,995.00 to worthy charities, causes or even individuals in need of your choice, and I'd value hearing that you did.

Third, you literally owe me a letter, no later than a year from now, preferably sooner, reporting on thinking changed but also specific strategies applied and results achieved. This ain't option; it's an obligation.

So, what to do next?

At the very end of this letter, you'll find further description of some of the topics covered in the interviews and materials in the System, if you actually need more information.

But before doing any of that, hey, I suggest you click on the button below and quickly complete the Order Form, and get my System on its way to you, immediate.

The clock is ticking. Autonomy is yours if you'll accept it.

You've got my guarantee. You can have my life experience and the 'secret' Mega-Strategies and behaviors and thinking of more than 100 of us Renegade Millionaire Entrepreneurs synthesized for you.


Dan Kennedy

PS: The only life really worth living is a life lived on your own terms.

Core Concepts Of The Renegade Millionaire System :

Mini-Interviews With Renegade Millionaires
Five Leverage Points For Radical Change In Business
How Renegade Millionaires Create Extreme Marketplace Advantage
How Renegade Millionaires Profit From Strategic Alliances
Mistakes To Avoid

The Secret Of Self-Promotion (vs. Business Promotion)
Profit From Expert Positioning
Secrets Of 'Million Dollar Sales Presentations'

3: Renegade Millionaire MARKETING STRATEGIES
How Renegade Millionaires Use Direct-Response
Marketing Differently
My Most Powerful Wealth Creation Strategy:
Membership Concept Marketing
Success In The New 'Permission Required' Marketing Environment

4: Renegade Millionaire MONEY STRATEGIES
What Renegade Millionaires Know About Being Broke/Being Rich That You Do Not Know
What Renegade Millionaires Know And Do Differently About 'Price'
The Entrepreneur's #1 Money Priority

How Renegade Millionaires Make Practical Use Of A Personal Belief System
How Renegade Millionaires Manage Time Differently - Radically Differently!
How Renegade Millionaires Manage Failure
Secrets Of 'Accelerated Accomplishment'

6: AUTONOMY: Living Life On Your Terms
The Ultimate Life Choice Renegade Millionaires Make
How Renegade Millionaires Establish And Enforce Boundaries
Renegade Millionaires' Acid-Test For Association

Remember, that the objective is Autonomy like you've never enjoyed before. That requires some commitment. Now, here's how I am actually DELIVERING everything we've talked about into your hands:

Listen to What Others Say About the Renegade Millionaire 2.0 System

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